There are as many ways to learn how to dance as there are dancers!  Some of the options for types of groups and styles of dance are outlined below.  Not seeing what you wanted? Contact me and we can work out a plan that fits your needs and interests!

Group Lessons

For most people and most situations, group classes are an ideal way to learn to dance.

Group classes usually run four to ten weeks. Each week you add new steps to your repertoire, while reviewing what you learned in previous classes. You have practice time, and get to meet other people to dance with.  As the class progresses, you become more confident and comfortable with the steps.

Most group classes expect you to attend for the full session since each lesson is built on the previous week’s material. The exception to this is a drop-in line dance class, where each week we do different dances.

Weekly line dance class

Beginner classes teach you the fundamentals of the dance. Intermediate classes add new moves while stressing the technique and styling that are characteristic of each dance.

Check out my schedule to see if there is a class you might want to join. Or start your own! If you have 8 people who want to learn to dance, we can set up a class just for you.

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Styles of Dance

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Private Lessons

Want to learn new or fancier moves? Need help with technique? Have to learn before the next event? Embarrassed to dance in a group? Learn faster or slower than the crowd? Can’t commit to a class? Want to have all the attention? These are all good reasons for you to choose private lessons. Up to four people for one affordable price!

Party Lines offers instruction and performance in partner and/or line dance for your functions, private parties, or fund raising events. It can be tailored to your needs, from a half-hour lesson to a full evening of instruction and dance.


One-time classes on a specific dance or technique (turn technique, advanced two step, syncopations in swing, etc.) are offered periodically. These tend to be more intensive and material-heavy than a class series.

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Wedding Dancin’

If there is a wedding/commitment ceremony in your future, whether a first dance as a couple, a parent/child dance, or you just want to impress Aunt Milly at the party, this is your chance to learn the basics. If you have a whole wedding party (parents, attendants, couple), I can set up a class for all of you. Or if you just need a routine for your first dance, I’ll choreograph something to match your song and personalities.

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