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Dances and Levels

Two Step

is a partner dance, done to country western music. The basics are easy to learn in one short lesson. After that, the spinning begins! Dance to your favorite country music, either traditional or new.

East Coast Swing

is hot again. Whether you like Big Band or Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, George Strait or Dire Straits, oldies or new generation, you can swing to them all. Also known as Jitterbug, Lindy, or Jive.


Here I am leading and following swing with two partners! 

West Coast Swing

is the smooth and slinky cousin of East Coast Swing, traditionally done to the slower beat of blues and funky music. This dance is cool, sexy, and playful.


is a flowing, romantic dance done in 3/4 time. Even if you don't know what that means, if you can count to six, you can do this dance. Just melt into your partner's arms and glide down the dance floor.

Fox Trot

is the most common and versatile social dance in ballroom. It can be used to dance to any song that's not a waltz. If you're looking for a dance to go with your wedding song, this is probably it.

Line Dances

are pre-set routines that you do without a partner. Simply line up and follow the calls. Line dances can be very simple or extremely complicated, depending on the dance (of which there are thousands!). A great way to get exercise. Usually done to country music, but I do throw in a few non-country songs occasionally.




"The girl who can't dance says the band can't play"-Yiddish proverb


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