Dear dance friends:

Push back the couch, roll back the rug, move the kitchen table, and get ready to dance! Zoom lessons and dancing are happening!

Join Julie Kaufmann Dancin’ as we offer virtual dances to instruct, keep us sane, and entertain while we practice “social gathering at a distance.”

Our goal is to stay socially connected, physically challenged (aka: get our butts off the couch), and support local instructors.

All donations will go to instructors of the evening.

If you are income-impacted in any way: please enjoy the dancing free-of-charge and without guilt.

If you can donate: There are three options:

    • $5 (all I can afford)
    • $10 (regular price)
    • $20 (a little extra)

I just changed the payment button so you can now order multiples (pay for 4 weeks at a time!) and give me instructions so I know which lessons you are paying for.

Thank you for your support during this trying time. We hope dancing is adding at least a little sanity and levity.