Here are a few links to websites I personally find useful. I’ll add to these when I find special sites I think you might enjoy. But you can do searches as well as I can, so it won’t be a comprehensive list.


For anything related to Swing in Boston, check out You can find places to dance, reviews of music, teachers, classes, and fun editorials.

For Country Western dancing in the gay and lesbian community, go to for their schedule of dances and workshops.

For monthly line dances in North Reading, Smokies Bar is the place to be.


From an article in the Boston Globe about the revival of country music and dancing. Here I am teaching at Smokie’s (with a broken toe!) Read the article on the Globe Online.



To look up just about any line dance, go to  or



HEALTHY-STEPS: Moving You to Better Health with the LEBED METHOD Since 1980

For complete information about this exercise and movement program for people with chronic health problems or illnesses, see their website at   


To find all sorts of resources for your wedding, check out


If you are interested in SWING competitions and events, check out the World Swing Dance Council. They are at

For Country Western events and competitions, check out the United Country Western Dance Council at

In the gay and lesbian community, you can learn about Hoedowns and local dance weekends through the website of the International Association of Gay and Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs at