If you have seen dance boots, jazz shoes, ballet slippers, latin shoes, or dance sneakers, you have seen shoes with suede bottoms. Chrome suede is the material used on the bottom of these dance shoes that allows you to spin, slide, and stop with better control. Chrome is a method of tanning that leaves the leather more pliant that other methods. Suede is the material of choice because it allows you to spin so easily. In addition, you can adjust the nap to the condition of the floor: if the floor is slippery, you brush the nap up to give you more control; if the floor is sticky, you brush the nap flat to let you slide better.

street shoes with chrome suede



Many people have bought dance shoes of one type or another over the years, and love them. But they do not offer a lot of support or cushioning. By applying suede to the bottom of your running shoes or other street shoes, you can be as comfortable or fashionable as you want at a very low cost! Most shoemakers charge $40-$50 to put suede on your shoes, if they even have the right material. My kits contain the following:

  • Chrome suede to cover one pair of shoes
  • Barge Cement (the glue used by shoemakers)
  • Sticks to apply glue to shoes and suede  
  • Wire suede brush for cleaning
  • Complete instructions for application and care 


The suede comes in pearl (off white); please tell me your shoe size in the space provided below so I can cut the suede to your specifications.

The cost is just $26, which includes shipping and handling.

I can take PayPal or money orders (available at post offices everywhere). To use PayPal, click the Buy Now button for one kit or the Add to Cart button for multiple kits. If you are ordering from outside the USA or want overnight delivery, also use the shipping options drop down menu and button. Be sure to enter your shoe size and mailing address. For money orders, e-mail me at julie@jkdance.com for my mailing address.

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