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Girls Scouts in Arlington



“I cannot tell you how much everyone enjoyed your dance class. Everyone was talking about it at our wrap-up meeting. Thank you so much for joining us and doing what you do–so well”

“Thank you, you are an awesome instructor!”

” Best Teacher ever encountered in a course of this sort”

“Great Fun. Julie is very good at teaching a novice.”

“Instructor is excellent; great music selection.”

“one of my friends who is a dancer commented on how beautifully choreographed

the routine was to the song so I wanted to pass all the credit on to you”

“Great teacher! The BEST!”

“Good ability to break down dances to individual steps.”

“Highly recommend”

“I enjoyed the class very much, thank you!”

“Her sense of humor helped students”

“Thank you! I’ve had a blast!”

“Julie makes it easy to learn.”

“Was a great class. learned a lot. You were awesome.”

“Good exercise, lots of learning”

“Instructor made sure everyone knew the steps before moving forward.”

“Something for everyone”

“Excellent teacher – good personality”

“Two stepping has totally changed my life, and you have been a big part of that. You are TERRIFIC!”









“I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance”-Friedrich Nietzsche